• If you ask The Falls’ founder and designer, Leong Ong, what The Falls is all about he might reluctantly say something about embroidery, something about beading and something about the magic of one of a kind pieces. However, underneath these vague descriptions is a more detailed story. 

    Leong was born in Seremban Malaysia and moved to England to study in his teens. He completed his foundations and Master’s Degrees at Central Saint Martins and his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at Kingston University where he studies fashion design. After school, Leong moved to New York City to work as the Design Director at Polo Ralph Lauren. In 2005 he started his own business with a store in High Falls, NY and later in Hudson, NY. The Falls, as we know it today, began as a natural evolution from these two storefronts. 

  • At The Falls we believe that each piece of clothing tells its own story. Through the process of research and collecting we strive to discover those stories and share them with a wider audience. We fuse found fashion with artful embellishment to create unique and limited run pieces. We are drawn to iconic pieces such as the trucker jacket, the varsity sweatshirt or the kimono because we love to combine our own designs — which range from delightful to absurd — with these icons to create something inspiring and unexpected. We love this process of transformation and are excited to be able to share it with all of you.